Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HOLIDAY SHMOLIDAY! Where is my new stuff!!??

Every “Holiday Season” (the holiday season starts in November in fashion magazine land) I anticipate the new “got to have it” item that everyone is raving about.  So you can imagine when, after sorting through my normal stack of magazines, my disappointment when nothing really stood out.  Essentially it was just a bunch of the same ol’ things…New eye shadow…New blush…New lipstick...that all look remarkably like the ones from last holiday season (sparkle here…purple there...blah, blah, blah).

Don’t be sad, I have not given up the search.  I will simply have to go to the make up counters in person to see the new goods up close and personal.  Until I have the chance to take that field trip, I will tell you about an item I found in September (pre-holiday season) that I LOVE!  


Quiet…listen…Do you hear the music playing in the background every time you say the name of this product?  It’s just that magnificent…it has its own theme music.  Plantscription serum does everything it promises. My skin is so nice; I no longer wear tinted moisturizer.  I only wear blush!  It is AMAZING!  Ask the girl at the counter for a sample.  If there are no samples, then just make the investment.  You won’t regret it. 

Okay...so remember when I said that there was nothing exciting in the magazines, well…there was an ad for a new Laura Mercier crème eye shadow stick and y’all know how crazy in love I am with the NARS crème eye shadow and the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer…so clearly it was a new product I had to have.  So much so, that I asked my lovely hair dresser to walk over to Nordstrom and see if was in stock yet. (She is that awesome).  As soon as my hair was done, I ran to the make up girl at Nordstroms and bought two sticks.  The next morning, I applied the stick and thought...hmm it’s a little dark...kind of Goth.  

That night when I went to wash it off , it would NOT COME OFF.  I’m not kidding... the damn make-up wouldn’t budge.  So…I used my “eye make up remover”...still no luck.  Tired... I gave up and went to bed.   This went on for three days!!!  The original dark gothic green dulled slightly with each day to resemble an aging bruise, but that was it, it was still clearly there.  This crème eye shadow appeared to be semi-permanent.  Something I feel they should have told you when you were buying the product.  

Unless you are a 20 year old club kid who frequents Goth bars every night, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT...IT’S AWFUL.


Okay... now you have the good and the bad for November.  Stay tuned for December …the fruits of my Holiday product scavenger hunt will be on full display! Gobble Gobble!