Saturday, December 3, 2011

Seriously, I'm like a Raccoon! Well...a very happy raccoon...

I  read somewhere that Raccoons love things that sparkle.  They are easy to catch if you put something sparkly or something that glitters next to a trap.  Unable to help themselves...they get drawn into the irresistible shimmer and sadly, get snared into their inevitable demise. I am very much like a raccoon in that sense.  I just can't help myself when it comes to anything glitters, shimmers or sparkles, whether it be clothes, make-up,body lotion or even soap (yes LUSH has a glitter bath bomb I couldn't pass up). 

However after perusing the holiday make up lines this year, I know that I am not alone!  Every major line offered something in their collection that spoke to my inner glamour party princess, that girlie girl that leaps up and down with excitement while externally, I try to keep it cool and make the purchase.  I have one new purchase though that knocked off this summer's shimmer lotion as my new favorite Crush item.  Galaray, my stunning hair dresser and fellow glamour maven told me about this after I saw her wearing it and went..ohhhh.. ahhh..  what do you have on your eyes!!

MAC Superslick Liquid Liner in PURE SHOW.  This stuff is pure gold glitter awesomeness.  Now, I should tell you that I am not very good at doing tricky things like applying black liquid liner, or doing false eyelashes. I usually end up getting frustrated and throwing it all in the trash.  Not this liner!  It is so easy to apply and adds a bunch of drama!  Try it you will love it!

Sadly, after all my searching and trying, that was the only item that I felt was worth writing about.  Most of the shimmer/glitter/sparkle products, I already have, or were the wrong colors for me entirely. I urge you to get out there, look for yourself and add some shimmer to your sizzle this holiday season!

Now for the bad... remember when I told you guys to NOT BUY FINGERNAIL POLISH? 

Well, because I am a raccoon, I was unable to pass this one up.. but darn it if I shouldn't have! 
Nicole by OPI Holiday 2011 Collection: Ornament For Each Other.

This nail polish stopped me in my tracks as I sashayed through Wegman's one early Saturday morning.  I hmm'd and haw'd.. knowing that I had decided to stop buying nail polish.  Committed, I left the bottle, and continued shopping, only to head back in under 2 minutes.  I do not  have much self control.  The color was gorgeous..and for $8 bucks.. what the hell?  I left the store, went home and made an appointment for a mani-pedi. 

That afternoon, I showed my nail lady the new color and she too did the whole.. ohhhh...awww.. "pretty!" and then we both giggled with excitement...true story.  However, 45 minutes later, as she was trying to apply the color, she got this odd look. Not a good look either.  More like a "how do I tell my client her polish sucks" look.  I looked at my big toe and saw the problem.  The polish was going on sheer, and streaky.  Many, many coats would have to be applied to get the same color as the bottle. 

Here's the problem with that.. when you apply glitter polish, it has a tendency to chunk and become clumpy.  So, you have to apply it slowly, one coat dries... you apply the second..and so on sometimes going as high as 8 or 10 coats.  Even if you have the money, time and patience for this ritual.. the glitter polish has a tendency to chip off as early as the next day because its so thick.!  DO NOT BUY THIS NAIL POLISH.  SAVE YOUR $8 BUCKS FOR GINGERBREAD or EGGNOG LATTE'S.

Okay friends, that's it for December.. remember to exfoliate and moisturize all over for the next few months at least once a week!  Promise?  If you have any Questions or are searching for a specific item to cure your winter blues...e-mail me at  I will do my best to answer you quickly.

Have a happy holiday season, an even better New Year, and remember to let someone know they are beautiful...when they least expect it. 

Love you! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HOLIDAY SHMOLIDAY! Where is my new stuff!!??

Every “Holiday Season” (the holiday season starts in November in fashion magazine land) I anticipate the new “got to have it” item that everyone is raving about.  So you can imagine when, after sorting through my normal stack of magazines, my disappointment when nothing really stood out.  Essentially it was just a bunch of the same ol’ things…New eye shadow…New blush…New lipstick...that all look remarkably like the ones from last holiday season (sparkle here…purple there...blah, blah, blah).

Don’t be sad, I have not given up the search.  I will simply have to go to the make up counters in person to see the new goods up close and personal.  Until I have the chance to take that field trip, I will tell you about an item I found in September (pre-holiday season) that I LOVE!  


Quiet…listen…Do you hear the music playing in the background every time you say the name of this product?  It’s just that magnificent…it has its own theme music.  Plantscription serum does everything it promises. My skin is so nice; I no longer wear tinted moisturizer.  I only wear blush!  It is AMAZING!  Ask the girl at the counter for a sample.  If there are no samples, then just make the investment.  You won’t regret it. 

WORST PRODUCT NEW PRODUCT EVER! remember when I said that there was nothing exciting in the magazines, well…there was an ad for a new Laura Mercier crème eye shadow stick and y’all know how crazy in love I am with the NARS crème eye shadow and the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer…so clearly it was a new product I had to have.  So much so, that I asked my lovely hair dresser to walk over to Nordstrom and see if was in stock yet. (She is that awesome).  As soon as my hair was done, I ran to the make up girl at Nordstroms and bought two sticks.  The next morning, I applied the stick and thought...hmm it’s a little dark...kind of Goth.  

That night when I went to wash it off , it would NOT COME OFF.  I’m not kidding... the damn make-up wouldn’t budge.  So…I used my “eye make up remover”...still no luck.  Tired... I gave up and went to bed.   This went on for three days!!!  The original dark gothic green dulled slightly with each day to resemble an aging bruise, but that was it, it was still clearly there.  This crème eye shadow appeared to be semi-permanent.  Something I feel they should have told you when you were buying the product.  

Unless you are a 20 year old club kid who frequents Goth bars every night, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT...IT’S AWFUL.


Okay... now you have the good and the bad for November.  Stay tuned for December …the fruits of my Holiday product scavenger hunt will be on full display! Gobble Gobble!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love my Ta-Ta's!!

Clearly, I’m talking about my boobs.  Now, they are not what you would call “Porn” hot.  Honestly, they probably aren’t even “Real Housewives” hot.  But I love them just the same.  They are perfect to me and I think as far as boobs go...I got pretty lucky.  Now you may wonder why my beauty blog is starting off with self adulation about my glorious rack, but if you have picked up any kind of fashion magazine in October, you know it’s breast cancer awareness month.  It’s important to do your self exams and more important to get your mammograms…but beauty products are very important here too.  

I was talking with a friend whose wife just finished her last round of chemotherapy after a year long battle with breast cancer.  It was during that discussion that he told me the  cause of the type of breast cancer she has is “Environmental”.  This made me remember that when my Dad was diagnosed with Lung and colon cancer they asked to see all of his “grooming” products.  Ladies and are the cold hard facts: Beauty can kill.  Maybe not right away…but over a long period of time and with consistent exposure…your beauty routine could give you cancer.  

I know… it’s a bummer.  However, many eons ago, I found this great website called: The Environmental Working Group (EWG) for short.  They have a data base of many beauty products.  Now, before I try a new product, I check it in the data base.  If it has cancer causing ingredients, I don’t buy it.

Here is the website:

Just to give you an example of what they offer let’s look at facial cleansers:

The best scoring product, Coastal Classic Creations Exfoliating cleanser..scores a 0/10.  That means that there are no environmental risks should you use this everyday.

The worst scoring product, John Allen's Scrub and Exfoliating cleanser..scores a 9/10!
Not only is there a risk of cancer after long term use, but it also is very high in endocrine disruption, which effects your fertility!  Crazy right!?

So here is what I recommend, look at the products you use everyday.  Go to this website and make sure you aren’t using anything that can hurt you over long term exposure.  I use 17 products everyday..and not one scores above a 5.

Friends- PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!... Pay attention to everything that goes in your mouth, on your skin, or in your hair.  Cancer Sucks!  Protect the boobies…and every other part of you… today and for many years to come.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Willy's 2011 Fall Crush List!!!!

These are the ten items...that I absolutely, 100% support.  I have used them and they have made my life better and more beautiful.. Buy them.. they are awesome!

1. Laura Mercier- Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20- This goes on with your fingers. It evens out your skin tones without making you look like you are wearing make-up.  I only say this about one thing I use on a daily basis.. so take heed, and know that I sincerely mean it....this is the perfect product.

2. NARS-Creme Eyeshadow- Corfu and Eldorado.  I wear these everyday in the Fall.  Each of them has this miraculous ability to change colors based on what you are wearing.  I buy them two at a time and use them until there is not a speck left in the tin.  You can't love anything this much and not tell your friends to give it a shot.

3. NARS- The Multiple: in Orgasm and Lamu.  Orgasm is a bright peachy sheer blusher that brightens up the dullest of winter complexions.  Lamu is a glittery, bronzy, apricoty, type of shade that looks FANTASTIC, when you are wearing red, brown or orange.  This is a multiple which means you can wear it as a lipstick, a blush or an eyeshadow... personally.. I have only ever used it as a blush.  One of the key things about this particular stick is that each color has a shimmer effect to it.  I have actually had a lady ask me how I "glow" everyday.  Impressive right?  Buy this!

4. LANCOME- Defencils Mascara- Okay.. this is one of those items that you can easily be convinced on not committing to.  Mascara is mascara is mascara..right?  Why not try the newest product on the market? Here's why...they all suck compared to this one.  This mascara makes my eyelashes look long and it goes on clean.  It does not smudge or clump or get into my eyes and burn (all things the new fangled mascaras did).  Defencils is the best mascara in the world. Period.,default,pd.html?dwvar_76805_color=Black&start=6&cgid=makeup-mascara

5. Aveeno- Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion-Fragrance Free- I love this stuff!  I slather it on after every shower.  I once had a lady put her hand on my arm to get my attention and her face lit up.."Your skin is sooo soft"! she said.  I immediately told her all about this lotion.  It is fragrance free, it is not oily, it absorbs lighting fast and it keeps my skin soft without creating those irritating skin bumps on my arms.  The best part? You can get this at any grocery store.  In the winter, there is no better ally!

6. Kiss My Face- Hand Creme in Grapefruit and Bergamot-  This smells like fruit loops!  Kids always love it when I put it on around them.. but depending on who you are.. you may not want to attract small here is another keeps your hands really soft and it's not all.  In the dead of need this on you at all times. Another bonus?  My fingernails have started growing stronger since I started using this. Weird coincidence? I think not. I bet its helping my cuticles. :)  NICE!

7. Kiss My Face- All Natural Rough Thyme Shower Gel.  I only buy this when the weather starts to turn cold.. right about the same time pumpkin patches start popping up all over town.  This is the greatest shower gel..ever.  It smells like winter (cinnamon and bergamot) but the exfoliating beads in the gel are what really gets me.  In the winter we all start to shed dead skin (gross, I know).  However, if you use this everyday or  at the very least once a week (for you low maintenance beauty mavens) you don't notice your icky dry skin.  This product is my singular indicator that fall has arrived, it is one of my favorite....must have...fall items. LOVE IT!!

8. Morrocon Oil- The Original Oil Treatment-WAIT! STOP! This is not what you think.  I was originally given this product as a gift by my hairdresser in Las Vegas.  I did not like it on my hair.  It made my hair oily and weighed it down. BUT! I loved the way the oil smelled.. I mean.. LOVED I started using it as an oil that I mixed with my fragrance free aveeno lotion.. and wuh-la! A gorgeous dark and mysterious perfume was created.  This smell is so great that when it gets cool enough,that the mosquito's are gone (*finally*) and I can start wearing scented items again, this is the first purchase I make.  I also found out from my hairdresser here in DC, that no one uses this oil like I do.. so of course I had to pass my tip on.  Seriously, this is the best smell..and it lasts all day.  My husband gave me a hug and said.."oh my god, you smell good".  I'll take two bottles please.....:)

9 and 10.  Kerastase (oh like you didnt see that coming!) Bain De Force Shampoo and Masqu Nutri Thermique hair mask.  Okay.. so I pondered and pondered about what to make as my top two kerastase products..but when it came down to making the call for fall.. I had to tell you about my top two.  Rain, snow, sleet or hail.. these two are there for me.  My hair, although it may get wet, is consistently in rock solid condition thanks to these two.   I use the shampoo once a week and the masque right after that shampoo.  The prices for each are steep..but when you look at how often you need to use them.. they last a very long time.  Now my daily ritual is different..but we are at the end of my you will have to wait for my Summer Crush List.

That's my list.  I promise if you head into my bathroom any time this fall.. you will see them all lined up on the counter or in the shower. 

Now as I do in every post.. I have to tell you the good and the bad.. so here are some items that you do not want to waste your money on..

Moroccon Oil- What? Wait? I know.. but if you do not like the your dough..because as a hair elixir..its a bust.  Hated it.

Nail Polish in the hot new Fall Colors: Every single year.. I get sucked in by beauty editors raving about this new nail color or that new nail color. One year...I went to three Macy's and two Nordstrom's looking for the new Chanel nail polish in gold.. true story.  Here is what I will say.. new nail colors are great.  They make any new season come alive with the hope of new possibilities.. but..if you get your nails done.. save the $25 bucks and just pick a color at the salon.  My product drawer is full of colors that I bought..used once and then  forgot that I had and eventually went bad.  

Have a fabulous fall!  It is really my favorite time of year.. and better yet? Its almost boot season!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This isnt just a crush...this is mad crazy love!

Kerastase changed my life.  No, honestly, it really did.  I have the hair I have always dreamed of and it is entirely due to this product line.

I will warn you, that in order for any of us to use this product on a regular basis, you may need to sell your body or at the very least, get a part time job to support the "habit".  However, once you try it, you will gladly do whatever it takes to keep it going.

The other downside to this high end product, is that you cannot just saunter into any old salon and pick it up.  You have to go to a Kerastase salon and purchase your goods.  Most cities have at least one or two of these salons, and even if you live in a cave in the Ozarks, you can still order it online and have it delivered!

This line is extensive! You need to go to the website and research what products may be right for you and your hair type BEFORE you buy anything.  At the price point your are paying, this small amount of personal investment will pay off in the long run.  Here is the link:

Awesome Tip:  Before you go headfirst into the sea of glamorous, luxurious, top-shelf hair care, you could just put your toe in to try it out. Buy the sample/travel sizes first if they are available (usually only available on the website).

I will leave you with one last Beauty Crush investment warning.. the hyped up Kerastase products are usually the ones I have not liked and ended up giving away (meaning the ones in the magazine ads and the ones on the first click of the website).   Go with what you know about your hair and use the tool provided by the Kerastase website to navigate the sea of hair care products they offer.

Good Luck..and I hope it's love at first try for y'all as well!

If you have any questions, post them!  I would love to talk about this line, I love it (1,000,000.00)!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Apparently, melanoma is not another word for sexy.

$115.00.  That is what I spent on sunscreen in June. I bought many and only liked two.  After having three "suspicious" moles removed and an anti-aging conversation with my esthetician, I fully understand how important it is to shield yourself from the sun.  However, I also like to sun myself like a seal on a rock, so you can understand my dilemma.  I set out to find the best sunscreen that would allow me to tan, and swim, but also not allow me to look like a dried up apple in 10 years.  Here is what I learned.

There are two products that I fully endorse, and until the weather cools drastically, have on me pretty much all of the time:

1. Aveeno Hyrdrosport Sunblock Spray SPF 50. It is fantastic people!  I have a bottle in my car, in my desk at work and in my beach bag.  I laid out by the pool, swam and read magazines for 4 hours and did not burn.  I only had to re-apply once or twice and that was it. Easy Peasy!

2. Kiss My Face Sun SWAT with SPF 15.  LOVE IT!!! It is definately one of my biggest crushes so far this year!  Again, I have a bottle in my desk at work and in my car and in my beach bag, oh..and I put a bottle in my husband's golf bag.  We just got back from Italy, and we used it every single day.  As any east coaster will tell you, bugs are bothersome.  Mosquito's in particular are nasty little things.  Normally mosquito's only bother you at dawn and dusk, however, for me it is a 24 hour problem. Stupid pests seek me out no matter where I am, and put me near water? Double trouble. However, when I wear this, I do not get bitten and MORE IMPORTANTLY, I do not get burned.  Sweeeet!. 

HONORABLE MENTION: some of us have heard the warnings about the chemicals put into sunscreen and how they can acutally "cause" skin cancer.  Geez louise.. can we catch a break here?  So I set out to find an all natural sunscreen that both works and prevents sunburn.  I found one clear winner.. but its not a's why:
  • California Baby  No Fragrance SPF +30 Sunscreen Lotion. Really great product. However, it takes 200+ years to rub it in all the way. can rub and rub and still have white paste all over you. Not to mention that it rubs off on everything you touch for the whole day.  If you have kids, and they need a heavy duty sunscreen, this would be it.  However, for adults, its more trouble than it's worth.

Okay, so after many testings, and some unfortunate sunburns (wearing layers of sunscreen mind you), I can tell you to avoid any other sunscreens and just go with what I have tried and tested and cross my heart and pinky swear to you...will work!. 

However, I know that like me, the allure of an entire aisle of the same product is a hard thing to resist.  The packaging, the promises.. I know I know.. I get you.  But in an effort to help you avoid spending a ridiculous amount of money (as I did) I will tell you some of the products that avoid. Here are the ones that really sucked it:

Sadly, these are all Neutrogena products. Odd right? I know some of you love their stuff, but I would be hard pressed to purchase anything from them after the sunblock debacle of 2011.
Sport Face Sunblock Lotion SPF 70+- I put it on and literally 10 minutes later, my nose was sunburned! You have to reapply every 5 minutes for this to be effective. Seriously? Why bother.
Pure & Free® Baby Sunblock Stick SPF 60- I use this on the part of my hair on on my nose. Both got burned after 30 minutes of walking around on a sunny day. Really? Hmph.
Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 85- I had read in a magazine that Hayden Panettiere used this as body lotion everyday to avoid damaging rays of sun.  I used it and got burned, again, 30 minutes within putting it on and going outdoors. What-Ever!

I asked my dermatologist about these products because honestly, I was mad I spent so much on them and now they are in my "expensive and useless" drawer at home. Like it wasn't full enough. My derm told me that these sunscreens must be reapplied over and over or they wont work. Again....really? Who has time to reapply every 30 minutes? Not me, I'm too busy having fun! 

I hope you guys try the Aveeno and the Kiss my Face, both brands that you will see on my crush lists as they come out from time to time.  And remember, that these are only my opinions, so, if you disagree, good for you..but get your own blog.  Ha! Oh, I'm only kidding.. well not really. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Every girl loves to sparkle!

Last year, Aveeno made the best body lotion ever!  It was unscented and had a "sparkle" effect that left your skin super shimmery.  Of course, it dissappeared from shelves never to return again.  I was sad. I went online and tried to find it to no avail.  But this year I went out with a renewed vigor, insistent that I would sparkle under the sun.  Here is what I found.. and super duper love..

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Lotion.  This is the absolute MUST HAVE of my summer season.  I am recommending to everyone who wears lotion everyday.  The scent is coconut and it is very mild and wears off pretty quickly.. so you only have the sparkle left to worry about. Warning: It does rub off a bit, but cleans up pretty easily.  BUY THE GREEN BOTTLE. It does not have sunscreen but the tan bottle is super smelly.

Lush makes, what I think, is the most fantastic smelling, sparkly, lovely bar in the world. It is a very sparkly and yummy scented massage bar of all things.  But if you have a hot summer date, or a girls night on the town, lather this stuff on.  The sparkle is enchanting and romantic.  I abso love it!