Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love my Ta-Ta's!!

Clearly, I’m talking about my boobs.  Now, they are not what you would call “Porn” hot.  Honestly, they probably aren’t even “Real Housewives” hot.  But I love them just the same.  They are perfect to me and I think as far as boobs go...I got pretty lucky.  Now you may wonder why my beauty blog is starting off with self adulation about my glorious rack, but if you have picked up any kind of fashion magazine in October, you know it’s breast cancer awareness month.  It’s important to do your self exams and more important to get your mammograms…but beauty products are very important here too.  

I was talking with a friend whose wife just finished her last round of chemotherapy after a year long battle with breast cancer.  It was during that discussion that he told me the  cause of the type of breast cancer she has is “Environmental”.  This made me remember that when my Dad was diagnosed with Lung and colon cancer they asked to see all of his “grooming” products.  Ladies and are the cold hard facts: Beauty can kill.  Maybe not right away…but over a long period of time and with consistent exposure…your beauty routine could give you cancer.  

I know… it’s a bummer.  However, many eons ago, I found this great website called: The Environmental Working Group (EWG) for short.  They have a data base of many beauty products.  Now, before I try a new product, I check it in the data base.  If it has cancer causing ingredients, I don’t buy it.

Here is the website:

Just to give you an example of what they offer let’s look at facial cleansers:

The best scoring product, Coastal Classic Creations Exfoliating cleanser..scores a 0/10.  That means that there are no environmental risks should you use this everyday.

The worst scoring product, John Allen's Scrub and Exfoliating cleanser..scores a 9/10!
Not only is there a risk of cancer after long term use, but it also is very high in endocrine disruption, which effects your fertility!  Crazy right!?

So here is what I recommend, look at the products you use everyday.  Go to this website and make sure you aren’t using anything that can hurt you over long term exposure.  I use 17 products everyday..and not one scores above a 5.

Friends- PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!... Pay attention to everything that goes in your mouth, on your skin, or in your hair.  Cancer Sucks!  Protect the boobies…and every other part of you… today and for many years to come.

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