Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Willy's 2011 Fall Crush List!!!!

These are the ten items...that I absolutely, 100% support.  I have used them and they have made my life better and more beautiful.. Buy them.. they are awesome!

1. Laura Mercier- Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20- This goes on with your fingers. It evens out your skin tones without making you look like you are wearing make-up.  I only say this about one thing I use on a daily basis.. so take heed, and know that I sincerely mean it....this is the perfect product.

2. NARS-Creme Eyeshadow- Corfu and Eldorado.  I wear these everyday in the Fall.  Each of them has this miraculous ability to change colors based on what you are wearing.  I buy them two at a time and use them until there is not a speck left in the tin.  You can't love anything this much and not tell your friends to give it a shot.

3. NARS- The Multiple: in Orgasm and Lamu.  Orgasm is a bright peachy sheer blusher that brightens up the dullest of winter complexions.  Lamu is a glittery, bronzy, apricoty, type of shade that looks FANTASTIC, when you are wearing red, brown or orange.  This is a multiple which means you can wear it as a lipstick, a blush or an eyeshadow... personally.. I have only ever used it as a blush.  One of the key things about this particular stick is that each color has a shimmer effect to it.  I have actually had a lady ask me how I "glow" everyday.  Impressive right?  Buy this!

4. LANCOME- Defencils Mascara- Okay.. this is one of those items that you can easily be convinced on not committing to.  Mascara is mascara is mascara..right?  Why not try the newest product on the market? Here's why...they all suck compared to this one.  This mascara makes my eyelashes look long and it goes on clean.  It does not smudge or clump or get into my eyes and burn (all things the new fangled mascaras did).  Defencils is the best mascara in the world. Period.,default,pd.html?dwvar_76805_color=Black&start=6&cgid=makeup-mascara

5. Aveeno- Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion-Fragrance Free- I love this stuff!  I slather it on after every shower.  I once had a lady put her hand on my arm to get my attention and her face lit up.."Your skin is sooo soft"! she said.  I immediately told her all about this lotion.  It is fragrance free, it is not oily, it absorbs lighting fast and it keeps my skin soft without creating those irritating skin bumps on my arms.  The best part? You can get this at any grocery store.  In the winter, there is no better ally!

6. Kiss My Face- Hand Creme in Grapefruit and Bergamot-  This smells like fruit loops!  Kids always love it when I put it on around them.. but depending on who you are.. you may not want to attract small here is another keeps your hands really soft and it's not all.  In the dead of need this on you at all times. Another bonus?  My fingernails have started growing stronger since I started using this. Weird coincidence? I think not. I bet its helping my cuticles. :)  NICE!

7. Kiss My Face- All Natural Rough Thyme Shower Gel.  I only buy this when the weather starts to turn cold.. right about the same time pumpkin patches start popping up all over town.  This is the greatest shower gel..ever.  It smells like winter (cinnamon and bergamot) but the exfoliating beads in the gel are what really gets me.  In the winter we all start to shed dead skin (gross, I know).  However, if you use this everyday or  at the very least once a week (for you low maintenance beauty mavens) you don't notice your icky dry skin.  This product is my singular indicator that fall has arrived, it is one of my favorite....must have...fall items. LOVE IT!!

8. Morrocon Oil- The Original Oil Treatment-WAIT! STOP! This is not what you think.  I was originally given this product as a gift by my hairdresser in Las Vegas.  I did not like it on my hair.  It made my hair oily and weighed it down. BUT! I loved the way the oil smelled.. I mean.. LOVED I started using it as an oil that I mixed with my fragrance free aveeno lotion.. and wuh-la! A gorgeous dark and mysterious perfume was created.  This smell is so great that when it gets cool enough,that the mosquito's are gone (*finally*) and I can start wearing scented items again, this is the first purchase I make.  I also found out from my hairdresser here in DC, that no one uses this oil like I do.. so of course I had to pass my tip on.  Seriously, this is the best smell..and it lasts all day.  My husband gave me a hug and said.."oh my god, you smell good".  I'll take two bottles please.....:)

9 and 10.  Kerastase (oh like you didnt see that coming!) Bain De Force Shampoo and Masqu Nutri Thermique hair mask.  Okay.. so I pondered and pondered about what to make as my top two kerastase products..but when it came down to making the call for fall.. I had to tell you about my top two.  Rain, snow, sleet or hail.. these two are there for me.  My hair, although it may get wet, is consistently in rock solid condition thanks to these two.   I use the shampoo once a week and the masque right after that shampoo.  The prices for each are steep..but when you look at how often you need to use them.. they last a very long time.  Now my daily ritual is different..but we are at the end of my you will have to wait for my Summer Crush List.

That's my list.  I promise if you head into my bathroom any time this fall.. you will see them all lined up on the counter or in the shower. 

Now as I do in every post.. I have to tell you the good and the bad.. so here are some items that you do not want to waste your money on..

Moroccon Oil- What? Wait? I know.. but if you do not like the your dough..because as a hair elixir..its a bust.  Hated it.

Nail Polish in the hot new Fall Colors: Every single year.. I get sucked in by beauty editors raving about this new nail color or that new nail color. One year...I went to three Macy's and two Nordstrom's looking for the new Chanel nail polish in gold.. true story.  Here is what I will say.. new nail colors are great.  They make any new season come alive with the hope of new possibilities.. but..if you get your nails done.. save the $25 bucks and just pick a color at the salon.  My product drawer is full of colors that I bought..used once and then  forgot that I had and eventually went bad.  

Have a fabulous fall!  It is really my favorite time of year.. and better yet? Its almost boot season!!!!

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