Monday, December 2, 2013

Turnrow has NAILED it!

For those of you who have read my blog, you know that once I find an item.. that I LOVE..not only do I tell you about it so that you can feel the same glee that I do, but I add it to my permanent arsenal.  Currently, those items include:

The Bite Stick- AFTER BITE
Moroccan Oil- The actual brand, not the lame cheaper versions that don't actually work.
Band-Aid Blister Stick
Aveeno waterproof 50 SPF sun spray
Nars the Multiple in Orgasm
Lancome Defencils in Black
Kerastase Hair products- ALL
Color Tattoo eye shadow in bold gold

None of which would help me on a desert island, but who cares..after all..I'm on a freaking deserted island..if it's not just about me and what I want then..when would it EVER be just about me?

Okay..on to the new item.  Of course, as with all of my items there is a back story.  My very good friend H. (the H does NOT stand for heroin for those of you who immediately jumped to the conclusion I meant smack...what's wrong with you?  Really? Going right to Heroin when you see H?)  Anyway, my very good friend is trying to get pregnant.  In her quest she began reading about the many chemicals in our cosmetics, body lotion and hair products that cause infertility though endocrine disruption and making your hormones go all wonky.  After reading about this she began thinking about all of her friends without children and how many of us just simply never got pregnant and the light-bulb went off.  Clearly there is a connection between all these "blockers" and fertility rates.  Immediately she stopped using all of them and went only for the products that were as close to natural that she could get.  However, as anyone who stands next to a hippie at Whole Foods can attest, the all natural stuff doesn't really work. So she did what I still find endlessly heroic, she started her own line (with her equally amazing sister).  The Bath and Home line is called<b> TURNROW Bath, Body and Home.

H. had asked me to test the Sensitive stick because:  A. I have sensitive skin and B. I'm looking for a new moisturizer to transition to since Oil of Olay stopped making mine (bastards.)  It's a tiny little stick with the same consistency as lip balm.  I popped it into my gym bag and the next day after my post workout face- wash I put it all over my face.  I then stepped out into 30 degree blustery winds.  It was AWESOME. My skin didn't get touched. It was as if I had applied a shield.  My use of the product since then has rapidly progressed.  I have used it on my cuticles, my lips and I even used it to tame some fly away's when my bangs were giving me grief.  It is such a miraculous item!  It does not smell (HUGE PLUS) It has multiple, multiple much so..that I recommended they change the name to the EVERYTHING stick.  I think you could use this on basically everything because its sensitive and scent free.

GO TO THE WEBSITE AND BUY THIS STICK.  You will not regret it.  While you are there..check out all the other awesome items these sisters have.  Remember its all natural and the ingredients are available, if you e-mail H or her sister in case of allergies..or curiosity.  Don't muck up your system with chemicals and don't blow WADS of cash on "natural" products that don't work .(Like I did).

Oh! I just thought of another use, you could stick some raffia into the EVERYTHING stick and make a know....for when you are on that desert island!  It just keeps going!

Have a Merry Christmas and Salacious New Years!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Son of a B! (sting)

Hello Pretty People! Miss me?? I have been gallivanting around Washington D.C. and South Carolina, narrowly escaping government shutdowns and furlough days, moving from a very large house to a very small house…all the while pursuing my Master’s Degree. Well I am excited to tell you that I have indeed finished my Master’s and now you have me all to yourselves. Yay! Okay, let’s get down to business and talk about, what is quite possibly, the most awesome product ever purchased from a drugstore. Now , for those of you who know that I spend hours scouring through the local CVS looking for cool new stuff to try, my previous statement should really freaking MEAN something. As we have talked about in the past, I get bitten by mosquitos CONSTANTLY. Not only do I get bitten, but they swell and ITCH like craaaaaazy, making me miserable. The welts get so big and so grotesque, I’m afraid of small children seeing them for fear they will cry. Mosquitos are my nemesis. Clearly. Although we are coming to the end of mosquito season (Holla!!), you still need to know about the gloriousness of this item. I have one in my purse, one in my car, one in my gym bag and one at my house...JUST IN CASE, I get bit. I was in South Carolina (home of the most mosquitos on the planet, you can Google it…you will find out that I am exaggerating, but go ahead, and Google it just to tell me I’m wrong). Point is…I was bitten four times going from the house to the car. My sister in law, also known as Queen of the Holler for her mad country skills, got this stick out and Changed. My. Life. AFTERBITE- The Itch Eraser! Bite Treatments&product=AfterBite®&id=178 You roll it burns like hell…and then the bite STOPS ITCHING. Like Magic! Sweet. Baby. Jesus it’s the BEST. Hey..on another beauty topic,a couple of you have sent me some products to try. Sadly, for one reason or another, I haven’t gotten to them yet. Don’t fear! I will not forget. I actually have a list started. Look for posts about your product next month. Xoxoxo! Lisa