Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Every girl loves to sparkle!

Last year, Aveeno made the best body lotion ever!  It was unscented and had a "sparkle" effect that left your skin super shimmery.  Of course, it dissappeared from shelves never to return again.  I was sad. I went online and tried to find it to no avail.  But this year I went out with a renewed vigor, insistent that I would sparkle under the sun.  Here is what I found.. and super duper love..

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Lotion.  This is the absolute MUST HAVE of my summer season.  I am recommending to everyone who wears lotion everyday.  The scent is coconut and it is very mild and wears off pretty quickly.. so you only have the sparkle left to worry about. Warning: It does rub off a bit, but cleans up pretty easily.  BUY THE GREEN BOTTLE. It does not have sunscreen but the tan bottle is super smelly.  http://www.hawaiiantropic.com/AfterSun/AfterSun.aspx

Lush makes, what I think, is the most fantastic smelling, sparkly, lovely bar in the world. It is a very sparkly and yummy scented massage bar of all things.  But if you have a hot summer date, or a girls night on the town, lather this stuff on.  The sparkle is enchanting and romantic.  I abso love it!

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