Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Apparently, melanoma is not another word for sexy.

$115.00.  That is what I spent on sunscreen in June. I bought many and only liked two.  After having three "suspicious" moles removed and an anti-aging conversation with my esthetician, I fully understand how important it is to shield yourself from the sun.  However, I also like to sun myself like a seal on a rock, so you can understand my dilemma.  I set out to find the best sunscreen that would allow me to tan, and swim, but also not allow me to look like a dried up apple in 10 years.  Here is what I learned.

There are two products that I fully endorse, and until the weather cools drastically, have on me pretty much all of the time:

1. Aveeno Hyrdrosport Sunblock Spray SPF 50. It is fantastic people!  I have a bottle in my car, in my desk at work and in my beach bag.  I laid out by the pool, swam and read magazines for 4 hours and did not burn.  I only had to re-apply once or twice and that was it. Easy Peasy!

2. Kiss My Face Sun SWAT with SPF 15.  LOVE IT!!! It is definately one of my biggest crushes so far this year!  Again, I have a bottle in my desk at work and in my car and in my beach bag, oh..and I put a bottle in my husband's golf bag.  We just got back from Italy, and we used it every single day.  As any east coaster will tell you, bugs are bothersome.  Mosquito's in particular are nasty little things.  Normally mosquito's only bother you at dawn and dusk, however, for me it is a 24 hour problem. Stupid pests seek me out no matter where I am, and put me near water? Double trouble. However, when I wear this, I do not get bitten and MORE IMPORTANTLY, I do not get burned.  Sweeeet!. 

HONORABLE MENTION: some of us have heard the warnings about the chemicals put into sunscreen and how they can acutally "cause" skin cancer.  Geez louise.. can we catch a break here?  So I set out to find an all natural sunscreen that both works and prevents sunburn.  I found one clear winner.. but its not a's why:
  • California Baby  No Fragrance SPF +30 Sunscreen Lotion. Really great product. However, it takes 200+ years to rub it in all the way. can rub and rub and still have white paste all over you. Not to mention that it rubs off on everything you touch for the whole day.  If you have kids, and they need a heavy duty sunscreen, this would be it.  However, for adults, its more trouble than it's worth.

Okay, so after many testings, and some unfortunate sunburns (wearing layers of sunscreen mind you), I can tell you to avoid any other sunscreens and just go with what I have tried and tested and cross my heart and pinky swear to you...will work!. 

However, I know that like me, the allure of an entire aisle of the same product is a hard thing to resist.  The packaging, the promises.. I know I know.. I get you.  But in an effort to help you avoid spending a ridiculous amount of money (as I did) I will tell you some of the products that avoid. Here are the ones that really sucked it:

Sadly, these are all Neutrogena products. Odd right? I know some of you love their stuff, but I would be hard pressed to purchase anything from them after the sunblock debacle of 2011.
Sport Face Sunblock Lotion SPF 70+- I put it on and literally 10 minutes later, my nose was sunburned! You have to reapply every 5 minutes for this to be effective. Seriously? Why bother.
Pure & Free® Baby Sunblock Stick SPF 60- I use this on the part of my hair on on my nose. Both got burned after 30 minutes of walking around on a sunny day. Really? Hmph.
Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 85- I had read in a magazine that Hayden Panettiere used this as body lotion everyday to avoid damaging rays of sun.  I used it and got burned, again, 30 minutes within putting it on and going outdoors. What-Ever!

I asked my dermatologist about these products because honestly, I was mad I spent so much on them and now they are in my "expensive and useless" drawer at home. Like it wasn't full enough. My derm told me that these sunscreens must be reapplied over and over or they wont work. Again....really? Who has time to reapply every 30 minutes? Not me, I'm too busy having fun! 

I hope you guys try the Aveeno and the Kiss my Face, both brands that you will see on my crush lists as they come out from time to time.  And remember, that these are only my opinions, so, if you disagree, good for you..but get your own blog.  Ha! Oh, I'm only kidding.. well not really. :)

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